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  • Tetris & Organization PART 2

    Tetris & Organization PART 2

    Welcome to part two of organizing! If you missed last week’s post, make sure go and check in out HERE. This week I cover my Top 5 Tips for organizing: Everything needs a home. Start small. Location: Things should make sense. Elsa THAT! (Let it go!) Purge Baskets! Rectangles & Squares Only! 1. Everything Needs a… Read Article…

  • Tetris & Organization

    Tetris & Organization

    As a child, one of my favorite Nintendo games was Tetris. I enjoyed the challenge of fitting the pieces together as they descended from the top of the screen. I have continued this skill, well into adulthood without realizing it. When we had our first kiddo, my spouse traveled a lot for work. I did… Read Article…