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  • Ghostbusters List

    Ghostbusters List

    Growing up, I remember watching the movie, Ghostbusters. It was always exciting to me because not only did I love the theme song, but it was futuristic which I enjoyed. Recently I was talking with a friend about the concept of having limited time and resources, thus requiring one to prioritize where to spend their time.… Read Article…

  • My Tale of Trying the Tesla

    My Tale of Trying the Tesla

    Recently, I was traveling and rented a Tesla to drive for the day. For those of you who have driven and love this vehicle, you’re in for a comical treat. For those who have never driven one, this will be a great introduction of things to expect and traps to avoid. Enjoy as I share… Read Article…

  • Welcome Post

    Welcome Post

    Welcome to my blog where I will share life with you. I will come to you on Mondays for my Monday MeMo. I know what you’re thinking: memo, like memorandum. Sort of. Memos are more of a brief communication or report, typically in an office. I have never been known to be brief in thought… Read Article…