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  • Welcome Post

    Welcome Post

    Welcome to my blog where I will share life with you. I will come to you on Mondays for my Monday MeMo. I know what you’re thinking: memo, like memorandum. Sort of. Memos are more of a brief communication or report, typically in an office. I have never been known to be brief in thought…

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  • Snowflakes are all unique

    Snowflakes Understanding Our Unique Self

    Snowflakes help us understand that being unique helps us understand our sense of self.

  • Monarch Butterfly sitting with its wings outstretched

    Like a Caterpillar Emerges as a Butterfly It’s OK to Be in Your Cocoon

    I’ve been like a caterpillar making my way through life. It’s OK to be in your cocoon in order to emerge as a butterfly you’re meant to be.

  • Gym with mats on the floor, ball pit, and play equipment

    MeMo: Occupational Therapy and SPD

    Using play therapy to make progress with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder/Differences (SPD)

  • An apple cut into slices next to dehydrated apple slices on a table.

    Autism: Sensory Processing Disorder/Differences

    Fresh apples versus dehydrated apples? They are not the same thing for a person who struggles with sensory issues related to food. Join me as I walk through Sensory Processing Disorder/Differences (SPD), especially related to food.

  • 2022 11 30_14 34 42_478 scaled

    MeMo: Cookies for Santa, Birdie’s Bar Cookies

    Today I’m going to share our family chocolate chip bar cookie recipe in time for the holidays. These cookies are a family favorite. I’ll share the recipe as well as the tips I learned along the way to make sure you get the best result for them. I hope you enjoy them as much as…

  • airplane swag

    Aviation SWAG!

    Merchandise with Airplanes NEW AVIATION SWAG! It’s currently Oshkosh week in July of 2022 and hundreds of individuals from the aviation community gather in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA for the annual event. Whether you’re attending or not, you can still enjoy shopping for some new merchandise with airplanes from the comfort of your home. I have…

  • Downsizing 101

    Downsizing 101

    The basics of how to downsize your home. This month’s focus is on downsizing and I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you purge. Some people downsize temporarily, while others are changing their lifestyle permanently. Your purpose for downsizing will help determine items keep or purge. No matter what your reason, read on as…

  • Ghostbusters List

    Ghostbusters List

    Growing up, I remember watching the movie, Ghostbusters. It was always exciting to me because not only did I love the theme song, but it was futuristic which I enjoyed. Recently I was talking with a friend about the concept of having limited time and resources, thus requiring one to prioritize where to spend their time.…

  • Comfort Food and Scent Memories

    Comfort Food and Scent Memories

    A comfort food is one that brings a person back to a memory, feeling, or place in time. Have you ever had an experience where you smell something and suddenly, you’re mentally transported to a past memory? When smelling chocolate chip cookies, for example, one might be transported to a memory of being at their…

  • Quiet Cove

    Quiet Cove

    Recently we had some time away in the woods at a campground where our cell service did not reach. Sure, it’s annoying to not be connected by phone and internet, but sometimes it is necessary to detach and have time to think without the noise of the city streets or buzzing of my phone with…