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Welcome to my blog where I share life with you. I will share with you my “me moments” which I call my MeMo’s. I know what you’re thinking: memo, like memorandum. Sort of. Memos are more of a brief communication or report, typically in an office. I have never been known to be brief in thought or speech. My MeMo will be a “Me Moment,” shortened to MeMo, because it seems like everything has a short in today’s world.

This is my art, my thoughts in action, my blog. It is therapeutic for me and maybe for you too. I love connecting and relating with others. I come to you real, raw, and honest. I once heard someone say something to the effect of:

Not everyone will understand things in the way you meant to be written, read, or interpreted.

I realize there are many ways to interpret words. You may put emphasis on different phrases or syllables than I do. I will do my best to convey to you my heart, experiences, and thoughts through words. My intent is to connect more deeply to myself and the world, sharing my heart and thoughts with you.

My passions are many. In no particular order, they include flying, family, teaching, cooking, connecting with others, art, music, sewing, and experiencing the world (travel, although I don’t enjoy the TRAVEL part of traveling. I just enjoy the being part and experiencing the places we go.)

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    Aviation SWAG!

    Merchandise with Airplanes NEW AVIATION SWAG! It’s currently Oshkosh week in July of 2022 and hundreds of individuals from the aviation community gather in Oshkosh, Wisconsin USA for the annual event. Whether you’re attending or not, you can still enjoy shopping for some new merchandise with airplanes from the comfort of your home. I have…

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  • Josh Buchanan

    Josh Buchanan

    If you think the design of this website looks amazing, I fully credit Josh and his 20+ years of experience. As my website guru, he took my basic ideas, expanded upon them, and made them a reality. I am incredibly thankful for his attention to detail and insight. Thanks, Josh, for your exceptional work! Josh…

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  • Dan & Patti Hunt

    Dan & Patti Hunt

    I crossed paths with Dan and Patti in our RV travels in 2021 and the rest is history! They also travel full-time in their RV and are passionate about positivity and sharing their experiences of travel. Make sure to check them out on YouTube and other social media (Instagram & Facebook.) They are also the…

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  • Kristen Townsend

    Kristen Townsend

    Kristen is a long-time friend who started me on my organizing journey. Kristen is the founder of ICT Lifestyle Management. She’s worked as a Lifestyle Manager for over a decade, helping busy families and overwhelmed business owners create space in their schedules and lives. Think of her business as an extension of you, here to…

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I am BG Barnstormer. I have chosen this name to write under for a variety of reasons. The BG is a combination of nicknames from the people in my life I cherish the most. Barnstormer is something I have chosen to encompass who I am.

Signing off,

-BG Barnstormer