Dan & Patti Hunt

I crossed paths with Dan and Patti in our RV travels in 2021 and the rest is history! They also travel full-time in their RV and are passionate about positivity and sharing their experiences of travel. Make sure to check them out on YouTube and other social media (Instagram & Facebook.) They are also the hosts of the RV Life Podcast where they have had me on as a guest.

About Dan & Patti:
Dan & Patti Hunt were married and 2 months later Dan became seriously ill with West Nile Virus. Patti, was high school teacher for 20 years and became an international speaker and trainer, inspiring and educating others to live their dreams. Dan worked in the entertainment industry for most of his life; actor, stuntman, producer and director. He even taught a film class at Villanova University, creating a film with his students that was in contention for an Academy Award.

Once Dan recovered, the Hunt’s realized they were not living life fully. They were financially devastated from the event and just trying to make ends meet, they took a chance and changed everything. They quit their jobs and started their own company. Their core mission “To help others before they get in the situation they found themselves in”. The Hunts have traveled the world speaking to crowds from 100s to 1,000s of people, always with the positive messaging of living life to the fullest. They are that couple that does everything together; shopping, cleaning, working, enjoying life and everything in-between. Working together can be challenging at times but if you have ever seen them on stage or in a video you would see the magic they create. 

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