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Welcome Post

Welcome to my blog where I will share life with you. I will come to you on Mondays for my Monday MeMo. I know what you’re thinking: memo, like memorandum. Sort of. Memos are more of a brief communication or report, typically in an office. I have never been known to be brief in thought or speech. My MeMo will be a “Me Moment,” shortened to MeMo, because it seems like everything has a short in today’s world. These MeMos are for me and I’m finally choosing to share them with you.

I often think about things and have finally decided to take those thoughts and put them into action. This is my art, my thoughts in action, my blog. It is therapeutic for me and maybe for you too. I will come to you real, raw, and honest. You don’t have to agree with me. I don’t always agree with myself when I have thoughts that fly through my head. I once heard someone say something to the effect of:

Not everyone will understand things in the way you meant to be written, read, or interpreted. I never mean to offend or be abrasive. I’m an open book, a loving heart, and kind soul. I am human and likely my intended words may be misunderstood. I have faults and make mistakes. I realize there are many ways to interpret words. Things can be flipped and misinterpreted. You may put emphasis on different phrases or syllables than I do. I will do my best to convey to you my heart, experiences, and thoughts through words. If you find something I write offensive, likely it was not written with that intent.

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