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  • Downsizing 101

    Downsizing 101

    The basics of how to downsize your home. This month’s focus is on downsizing and I’ll be sharing tips and tricks to help you purge. Some people downsize temporarily, while others are changing their lifestyle permanently. Your purpose for downsizing will help determine items keep or purge. No matter what your reason, read on as… Read Article…

  • Bathroom Organization Tips

    Bathroom Organization Tips

    Over the years of moving and settling a new home, I have discovered I really enjoy taking areas in my home and organizing them to create a clutter free space. I was listening to a podcast awhile back and the host discussed a variety of methods to organizing and where to start in a home.… Read Article…

  • A Matter of Perspective

    A Matter of Perspective

    Have you ever taken a hike, climbed a mountain, gone upstairs to look out a window, or even a flight and observed the view outside your window? It never ceases to amaze me how the view can change based on one’s perspective. My life motto: Above the clouds is sunshine, it’s all a matter of… Read Article…