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  • Fail Forward

    Fail Forward

    Learning Lessons from Mistakes One day, I was standing on a stool to reach something in an upper cabinet. Usually, this would be no big deal because the stool I typically stand on is stationary. That day, however, I chose to grab a “wiggly” stool from under our kitchen island instead, which ended catastrophically in… Read Article…

  • Live Life Like a Snow Globe, Shake It Up

    Live Life Like a Snow Globe, Shake It Up

    Have you ever taken a vacation and bought a memento to remember your trip? One of my favorite souvenirs to search for is a snow globe.  I love the scenes, which are their own tiny world. It reminds me of flying and looking down from the airplane at our peaceful planet. We can shake the… Read Article…

  • A Matter of Perspective

    A Matter of Perspective

    Have you ever taken a hike, climbed a mountain, gone upstairs to look out a window, or even a flight and observed the view outside your window? It never ceases to amaze me how the view can change based on one’s perspective. My life motto: Above the clouds is sunshine, it’s all a matter of… Read Article…