Live Life Like a Snow Globe Shake It Up

Live Life Like a Snow Globe, Shake It Up

Have you ever taken a vacation and bought a memento to remember your trip? One of my favorite souvenirs to search for is a snow globe.  I love the scenes, which are their own tiny world. It reminds me of flying and looking down from the airplane at our peaceful planet. We can shake the snow globe again and again, to enjoy watching the particles sprinkle themselves upon the picturesque scene. They remind me to enjoy the moments, make memories, and take opportunities or trips as life presents them.

We have done short-notice trips (like deciding 4 hours before departure!) Once, we hopped over to London, England for the weekend before we hit the road full-time in the RV. We look back at that trip and reminisce on the memories made, the treasured moments pre-pandemic, and the unimaginable changes that have come to the world since then. If we have learned anything in our travels, it is to take each moment as it comes and enjoy it, celebrating the time and memories. Someone once said, “Life is but a breath.” I cannot count the number of times I have heard the phrase, “You blink, and your kids are grown.” As I take these quotes and think about my journey and experiences, they ring true for me and it seems strange how quickly time does fly. Good thing we are pilots!

Recently, our family had the opportunity to take a 24-hour getaway to the beach and we seized the opportunity to spend quality time as a family and make memories. Even though we are full-time travelers, it is rare to be able to take a week getaway somewhere to relax as a family, so we have learned to take advantage of opportunities as they arrive, even if it’s on short notice.

A few months ago, we had an opportunity to tag along on a trip with my husband to a beach destination. After going to London on a whim, the kiddos have quickly adapted to surprise trips for a fun experience as a family. For this recent trip, we traveled to the destination one day and the departure time was set for noon the next day. We awoke the next morning, ate breakfast, and headed to the beach a short walk from our hotel. It wasn’t too hot yet, so we enjoyed time basking in the sun and watching the children chase and be devoured by the ocean waves. We watched the children wade out into the water, then run inland as the waves consumed them. The children’s laughter was like music to accompany the symphony of waves that echoed their voices.

It was a picturesque morning. I sat next to my husband with my feet in the silky sand as I took it ALL in. The perfectly temperate scene, just warm enough to enjoy the water. The sun seemed to smile at us and I felt like a sea turtle on the shore, basking in its warmth. The salty, welcoming air, renewing me with each breath I took. The sound of the waves as they gently crashed again and again, lazily massaging the shoreline. The children happily playing and laughing with each other and the sea. The palm trees that adorned the shoreline seemed to stand tall, like soldiers preparing to be called to battle. Yet, even as boldly as they stood, they seemed peaceful and friendly, reaching their green tufts to the welcoming crystal blue sky, fixed with a few wistful, feathery clouds. Time seemed to stand still.

I wished the whole morning could last forever. It was perfectly peaceful. The children made friends and continued to chase waves and build sand fortresses, which would not withstand the persistent waves that taunted the fierce builders on the shore. I petted the sand, smooth beneath my feet. It was not course, but soft as silk. I could barely feel its miniscule grains between my fingers. I grasped mounds of the impossible-to-hold sand and watched it whisk away below my hands, like the seconds of time that melt away with each breath. We cannot get the time back, yet we spend it freely. As the sand sank softly to earth, I thought of the time with my children melting away. I wanted to pause time forever to live in that moment, over and over again.

The brown, friendly waves brought in particles of sand and caressed the shoreline with their white, soft fingernails. The sound of the water shushes the birds beckoning in the distance. The music of the ocean was perfectly pitched and I listened for its melody amidst the laughter of the children. The kids could play for hours at the ocean with the sand and waves. I could watch them forever, soaking it all in.

That morning was like being in a snow globe scene that I could shake and watch the little specks fall. I wanted to shake it again and again, letting the scene be magical forever. But, the little particles in the globe must fall, whether I want them to or not. The ocean will keep waving at us, and I will keep smiling back, reliving this memory as long as the sun shines and I have breath to live.

When is the last time I sat like that, burying my toes in the sand, listening to the earth, and breathe this deeply? Why do I wait to have the opportunity to relax and make the moments to soak in the memories? Somehow, the ocean is the most welcoming place for me to enjoy these moments and I reveled in its beauty and the wisdom it imparts upon my soul.

It’s ok to shake life up like a snow globe. Take the opportunity to take a walk with your children, soak up the sun, make a special meal as a family, or take a drive just to enjoy the day. Make the memories, live the moments, and enjoy the magic in reminiscing about great times.

My personal life motto:

“There’s sunshine above the clouds, it’s just a matter of perspective.”

BG Barnstormer

Life is what you make it. If you’re given broken eggs, make them scrambled or an omelet. If you’re given lemons, make lemonade or even a martini or margarita. Whether you can take a fancy vacation or a walk to the park, each has its own opportunity to make memories. Do something for you and your loved ones to enjoy time together. If you don’t have the money to do something fancy, you could be sad because finances are tight, or celebrate because you have a job. You don’t have to do something elegant to make memories, just get creative and have a popcorn party. In our house, sometimes all it takes is popcorn and party hats to fancy up a family game night.

Do you make time to breathe deeply, appreciate your place in the universe, and celebrating the moments?

What is your favorite place or way to make memories?

What opportunities or trip have you taken that were memorable?

Signing off,
-BG Barnstormer

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